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Pomeranian is a small toy-dog that is known under several other names, like Pom or Pom Pom. It is a Spitz type breed, named after the region of Pomerania – todays northern Poland and eastern Germany. The Pomeranian is a descendant of the German Spitz and its also called the Dwarf Spitz due to its small size. The main reason for the popularity of this dog breed is its small size and the current fashion trend that is in favor of small dogs. The Pomeranian has a history as a fashion item, several members of royal families loved these dogs and the smaller it was the better.

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My blog will give you the basic information you need to know about the Pomeranian dogs, including some nice photos and videos that I find. I will also cover several aspects of keeping a Pomeranian as well as address the most common health problems. In case you are a proud owner of the Pomeranian dog, please send me a photo and I will post it here on the site. Thanks and welcome.

Pomeranian Training

These beautiful little dogs are quite intelligent and have a strong desire to please their owners. This makes them very easy to train. They quickly adopt new tricks and commands and are virtually bursting with joy each time that they get praise or a reward from their owner.


They are often entered into conformation shows, and if you considered entering your dog in one he must be obedient and well trained. Luckily, this is not hard to do. You need to start training your Pomeranian as soon as you can, they learn much better while they are young, as you’ve probably heard.

First of all, you’ll need to make sure that your dog gets to socialize with other dogs. This is not strictly speaking training, but it will have a lot of influence on his attitude towards new dogs that he meets, and is critical for his proper development.


When training him, you’ll want to start with simpler commands and as he adopts them, move on to the more complicated ones. They are quite lively and it might be difficult to retain their attention for too long, so the first command that you might want to teach him should be ‘sit’. This will allow you to stop him running around and concentrate on the training.

Each time that he performs as you want him to, give him a treat or praise him. They are good at determining what the tone of human voice is trying to convey, so verbal correction is the only punishment that you should use. Try not to resort to that too often as these dogs are very eager to please and would hate it if they thought that they are constantly disappointing their owner. Some of them are known to bark quite a lot, even without any provocation, so you might need to teach your dog to stay quiet. You can try doing this by filling a can with pennies and shaking it each time the dog starts barking. This should make him stop, and once he is quiet, give him a treat to show that you approve of his silence.

Pomeranian Grooming

Pomeranians are lovely little dogs that look just adorable with their fluffy fur. But keeping his double coat looking that nice can require some of your time and effort. They have thick fur that sheds a lot and needs a lot of grooming if it is to look presentable. If you don’t want to pay someone to do this for you, you can easily learn to do it yourself, and make sure that your Pomeranian is always perfect.


It would be best if you could start grooming him while he is still very young. This way he will get used to it relatively fast and won’t be giving you trouble during the future grooming. First you’ll want to brush his fur and untangle any mats that you might come across. Gently pull a pin brush through his fur, taking good care not to pull to hard on tangled hairs, as this might really hurt your dog. When you locate the mats untangle them with your fingers, or if that turns out to be impossible, carefully cut them off with scissors. If you groom your pet often enough, this probably won’t happen too often. This would also be a good time to check his skin for irritations or parasites.


After the brushing it is time to give your little Pomeranian a bath. Make sure that you don’t get any water in his ears, eyes and nose. You can insert cotton plugs into his ears to prevent this from happening, just make sure that you don’t push them too far in. Make sure that he is soaked to the skin and then apply the shampoo without massaging it into his fur. Try to find the mildest shampoo that you can, if, for whatever reason, you don’t want to use special dog shampoos you can try to find a baby tearless formula. Once it was left to sit for a couple of minutes rinse out the shampoo, taking good care to get all of it out, as any that remains might cause skin irritation.

Next you’ll want to dry your Pomeranian, first with a towel and then with a blow dryer that is set to low enough a temperature not to cause discomfort to the dog. Once he is dry you might want to trim his fur. You probably won’t need to do this every time you groom him, in time you’ll learn how fast his hair is growing and how often will you need to do this. If you are not experienced you might want to pay someone to do it and observe the process so that next time you’ll be able to do it yourself.

Once you’re done with trimming his fur you might need to trim his nails. This is also something that you might want to leave to a professional because of the fact that if you cut too close to the root of the nail it might start bleeding. If you are not sure that you can do it without hurting your dog, you might try to file his nails, as this is not as risky and gets the job done. Once you’re done with this check his ears for parasites or filth and, if you haven’t in a while, brush his teeth.

Pomeranian Puppy Care

If you want your little Pomeranian pup to grow up into a healthy dog you need to take good care of him while he is young. First of all, you need to prepare your house for the new puppy. Decide where you are going to keep him, and make that room completely safe for a curious and lively puppy who often won’t be able to tell if something is dangerous. This includes covering up crawlspaces and removing small items that the dog could swallow.


It is very important that you call your vet about vaccinations. You mustn’t delay this for too long because puppies can be very vulnerable while young. That is why you should make sure that your puppy doesn’t come into contact with other dogs before all of the vaccinations are administered.

You should give your puppy three meals a day until he is at least 6 months old, after that one or two meals with an occasional treat or snack should suffice. Make sure that the food he is getting contains enough protein and calcium as these are the building blocks that his developing body sorely needs. Try to give him food at the same time during each day. You should generally try to help him develop a routine, feed him, walk him and train him at a specific time.


Pomeranians are very smart dogs that are eager to please their owners so training them should be a pleasure. Use positive reinforcement and be patient, you’ll be amazed at the dog’s progress. Even though other parts of their training will generally go well, they can sometimes be a bit difficult to house train, but if you try hard enough, they will learn eventually. Finally, make sure not to leave your Pomeranian alone for too long as they are known to be vulnerable to separation anxiety, a behavioral condition which arises in dogs (mainly companion dogs who are generally sociable and devoted to their owners) when they are neglected by their owner for a longer period of time.

Boo the Pomeranian Mega Star

Everybody talks about Boo, so who is it actually? Boo is a Pomeranian dog, and he would be a standard Pom if it wasnt for a happy accident at the Groomer – his hair was so tangled that it had to be shaved off. Initially upset, the owner realized her dog looks actually quite cute with its hair cut ………………………………….. and the rest is history.

Who owns Boo – the owner keeps her identity secret, but we know its a female residing in the United States. What we do know for sure is that one day, the owner decided to make a Facebook page for her dog. Initially a joke, the new Facebook page of the Pomeranian doggy became a phenomenon and its popularity literally exploded.

Facebook page of Boo the Pomeranian – in case you want to have a look, Boo’s page is here :, as of today, the page has more than 3 300 000 fans !!! and more and more people “like” Boo’s page every day. The owners add new photos and stories to the profile, to keep members interested.


Boo, the life of the world’s cutes dog – this is the name of Boo’s book. With such a massive popularity it would be a shame to not cash on it a bit, right? Obviously, the owners had the same idea, so you can buy Boo’s book at the stores already, priced at about 10 bucks. It features a lot of unpublished photos of Boo as well as stories from the dogs life.

You might love Boo or you might hate him, but one thing is hard to argue about – this little Pomeranian did more for the popularity of the breed more than anything else in the recent times. I for one love him and so do my kids and wife.

Cute Pomeranian Puppy

I found this video of a super cute Pomeranian puppy. The little creature is only 8 weeks old, but it already shows some interest into training. The owners are obviously trying to get the little Pom used to walking in circles as a form of preparation for the show ring.

As you see, its never to early to start training your Pomeranian puppy. Of course the dog is not able to learn any complicated tricks at this early age, the point is getting it used to some form of communication. Like any dog, little Pomeranians like to spend quality time with their owners and any form of fun is always welcome.

World’s cutest dog – Pomeranian Boo

So what is the cutest dog in the world? Guess what – its a Pomeranian named BOO :) This cute little doggy became a superstar on Facebook and he was even a guest at Good Morning America. Who ever came up with this hair cut was a genius as I dont remember when I saw a little dog create so much fuzz in past. Its not very common to see Pomeranians styled this way, but the grooming routine gets a whole lot easier with a short cut like this for sure.

Whether you like this haircut or not, you have to admit Boo is one awesome and super cute little dog. There is plenty of videos to be found on the net, so in case you liked the one I showed you, check out the rest too. I even saw an instructional video on how to style your Pomeranian the same way, but can’t find it now. If you have a link, please send it to me and I will post it here for other Pomeranian owners to see.


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